Delaware State
Fire Prevention Commission

The Commissioners

A group of men and women who are now, and have always been truly dedicated to the health and well-being of every man, woman and child in Delaware since 1955.

Picture of David J. Roberts, Chairman
David J. Roberts, Commissioner
October 2007 – January 10, 2020
Picture of Alan Robinson, Vice Chairman
Alan Robinson, Chairman
October 2010 – April 2023
Picture of Ron Marvel, Commissioner
Ron Marvel, Vice Chairman
October 2012 – January 10, 2020
Picture of Marvin Sharp, Commissioner
Marvin Sharp, Commissioner
Kent Co. Industry Appointment

September 2005 – September 2018
Richard T. Perillo
Richard T. Perillo
DVFA Past President Appointment

September 2018 – September 2019
Picture of Lynn Truitt, Commissioner
Lynn Truitt, Commissioner
Sussex Co. Industry Appointment

November 2014 – November 1, 2020
Picture of Patricia Davis, Deputy Attorney General
Patricia Davis
Deputy Attorney General

Picture of Dr. Patrick Matthews, BLS Medical Director
Dr. Patrick Matthews
BLS Medical Director

Picture of Sherry Lambertson, Executive Specialist
Sherry Lambertson
Executive Specialist

Picture of Dave Truax, Investigator / Compliance
Dave Truax
Investigator / Compliance



Libby Carey
Administrative Specialist

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